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The PIR-PSD, Current Entries.
The Protein Information Resource (PIR), in collaboration with MIPS and JIPID, produces the PIR-International Protein Sequence Database (PIR-PSD) -- a comprehensive, non-redundant, expertly annotated, fully classified and extensively cross-referenced protein sequence database in the public domain. The PIR-PSD, PIR-NREF, iProClass and other PIR auxiliary databases provide an integration of sequences, functional, and structural information to support genomics and proteomics research.

PIR-PSD: Protein Sequence Database
iProClass: Protein Classification Database
Bibliography Submission & Literature Retrieval new
IESA: Integrated Environment for Sequence Analysis
ASDB: Annotation and Similarity Database
Other PIR Databases NRL3D, RESID, ALN
Selection Lists and Complete Genomes
BLAST or FASTA Database Search
Pattern Search or Peptide Match
HMM Domain/Motif Search
ClustalW or SSearch Sequence Alignment
Annotation-Sorted Search
Global and Domain Search
GeneFIND/ ProClass Family Indentification
The PIR is a division of the National Biomedical Research Foundation, which is affiliated with Georgetown University Medical Center.

Protein Information Resource, National Biomedical Research Foundation
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